About Us

Thoughts Academy, started in 2010 in Cardiff (United Kingdom) has operations across India and the Middle East. We are into Organization Development Interventions, helping organizations to achieve meaningful success through empowering human potential.

We place ‘People Development’ as the core of Organization Development, with strong conviction that the development of an organization is a natural product of empowering its human potential.

Our intervention begins with a comprehensive study at the organization to diagnose the areas need attention. In the light of this information we design the process, which includes Changes in Strategy, Training and Executive Coaching.

Experts at Thoughts with extensive experience and exposure can help in every areas that decides the success of an organization such as leadership, decision making, problem solving, collaboration among members, sales, customer service, communication, recruitment and talent deployment.

We also assist the team to deploy development across the functions and determine effectiveness of the entire process.

This holistic approach makes us one of the most sought after OD experts in the industry.

Our Vision

To be the worlds most Trusted, Innovative and Revolutionary brand in the field of Development Interventions.

Our Mission

Empower People and Organizations to achieve meaningful success through Strategy, Training and Coaching.

5 C's that make us unique

5 C's that make us unique
Focused on a purpose-oriented approach to assist you in achieving meaningful and measurable success.
Provide realistic precise commitments and honor them with extreme professionalism.
Conversant with the most contemporary developments in a wide spectrum of complementary arenas.
Team of experts with sophisticated know-how, international exposure and vibrant business acumen.
Tailor-made programs designed to streamline and accomplish specific organizational requirements.