Certified Learning & Development Professional


5 Days


You will get the status of ‘Certified Learning and Development Professional’.

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Learning and Development is one of the very few professions that helps you to keep satisfaction and money together. This is a tough game in a rough terrain. To play it well, you need extreme professional orientation. This program intends to provide you with the same.

What You Get from the Program

  • The philosophical aspects of Learning and Development.
  • The fundamental concepts, theories and models in Learning and Development.
  • How to follow the holistic 7 D model of development.
  • How to conduct accurate 'Development Need Analysis’.
  • How to design the right L&D program to meet the development need.
  • How to facilitate sessions with maximum engagement from participants.
  • How to use experiential learning methods for better results.
  • How to handle different types of participants.
  • How to use PPTs, Flip-charts, White board and such tools in the most effective manner.
  • How to present complex ideas through analogies, examples, stories, diagrams and videos.
  • How to measure the effectiveness and results of the session.
  • How to use FACE - the ultimate Professional Performance Mapping tool in L&D process.
  • How to reach-out to more number of clients and close lucrative business deals.

Why Join Hands With Us

  • Equip the participants with international standards and accreditation
  • Extremely limited participants for personalized attention.
  • Multiple facilitators with extensive global experience as L&D Heads, Business Heads, CEOs and Coaches with various acclaimed organizations.
  • Each participants receives an L&D tool kit that includes modules for training on 10 major topics (Facilitator’s guide, Participants’ manual, PPTs), DVD with videos to be used in sessions, book on 100 games to be used in sessions, Standardized PPT design, To-do checklist to be used for planning every sessions, dress code instructions, introduction to FACE assessment, a marketing plan workbook to brand and market you as an L&D expert.
  • Opportunity to get coached by top experts in the L&D industry.

Who is Right for the Program

  • Professionals in various domains who handle Learning and Development role as part of job
  • Professionals who plan to step into L&D
  • Soft skill, Technology, Technical trainers who wish to upgrade them as L&D experts
  • People who work with various training companies.
  • Any People who are passionate and wish to be start a career in L&D

Why This Is Important to You

  • Approach L&D profession with more awareness, clarity and confidence.
  • Able to follow a systematic model. Make the process more comprehensive and error free. Reduce confusion and complication during the intervention.
  • Able to diagnose the right issues with clients. Create the most appropriate solution.
  • Craft a program with appropriate duration, timing, content, mode of delivery and tools.
  • Get the attention of participants. Keep them active through-out the program. Do stunning presentations. Use simple methods/tools to deliver complex ideas. Handle participants with different attitude/interests. Make the program result oriented.
  • Measure and convey the client about effectiveness of the program. Increase your credibility in front of the client. Attract more business through this result oriented approach.
  • Make the intervention deeper with internationally recognized assessment tools.
  • Get innovative methods to market you across potential group. Reach out to more clients. Make 'you as a brand’ in the market. Earn more money.

How We Deliver

The program is designed in the most scientific manner involving stunning presentations, case studies, intense brainstorming, peer group discussions, thrilling activities, mind-blowing games and mindful self-reflection.

60 hours in-class session > 20 hours online session > 5 assignments