1 day (6 hours)


The participants will be honored with the Certificate of Participation .

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Have you ‘FACE’ yourself? This is the right opportunity. This offering takes you through a scientific process of self assessment, understanding the orientation of your inner construct and help to read it along with professional goals and objectives. You will come-out with exceptional clarity about the track to drive forward in profession.

What You Get from the Program

  • Ultimate self awarenes. You will understand the orientation of your inner construct, its nature and behavior.
  • How to balance between your orientation and highly demanding professional environment without compromising harmony.
  • How to read your KRAs in the light of new awareness and plan for effective implementation.
  • How to channelize professional performance in the most appropriate manner.
  • How to communicate, solve problems, take decisions, manage inter personal relations by taking maximum advantage of your orientation and reduce the risk of its blind spots.
  • How to foster a personalized leadership style according to the orientation, 'your own approach to leadership'.
  • How to execute your role in organization with exceptional effectiveness.

Why Join Hands With Us

  • FACE is on of the most modern and updated assessment systems available across the globe.
  • We shall tune the workshop to meet the requirements of various industries and organizations associate with.
  • Faculty with well balanced understanding on Organization Strategy and Psychology
  • Systematically designed workshop that follows internationally accepted theories, concepts and models.
  • Differing from other similar programs, a clear cut plan of action will be developed at the end of the program. This would help you to move forward in personal and professional life.
  • Opportunity for one-to-one coaching.

Who is Right for the Program

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employees of various corporates and government organizations
  • Researchers
  • Teachers
  • Freelance professional
  • Anybody who is interested to know themselves, connect it with profession and design strategies for improvement.

How We Deliver

You will experience the bliss of self-awareness through psychometric analysis. This would be followed by thought provoking presentations, contextual videos, carefully prepared case studies, intellectual workouts on worksheets and peer group discussions.

This will be an intensive program that requires your mindful participation.

Academic Background

FACE Assessment and the workshop is designed based on the studies of Karl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist and the greatest proponent of analytical psychology.