Leadership Development Programme


3 Days


The participants will be honored with the Certificate of Participation.

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Leadership is the most influential variable in the success of any organization. This offering is designed to prepare you to handle complex leadership roles that accelerate organizational growth. You will emerge with insights to be a global leader who can inspire the entire team to move forward towards organization’s vision.

Who is Right for the Program

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CXOs (CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO, CIO etc.) of an organization
  • General Managers, VPs, Directors.
  • Vertical/Department/Business Unit Heads
  • Heads of NGOs and other social organizations
  • Heads of Educational Institutions
  • People who are into the middle management or above such as Senior Managers, Delivery Heads, Project Managers and so on.

Why Join Hands With Us

  • Focus on organic sustainable leadership than externally implanted mechanical models.
  • Direct correlation with the facts, trends, challenges and needs in the industry.
  • The innovative mode of treatment with a blend of Psychometric Assessments, Out-bound activities, Case studies and Discussions.
  • Eminent faculty including former CEOs, Entrepreneurs, reputed Academicians and International Facilitators.
  • Opportunity to receive individual ‘Leadership Coaching’ from highly respected coaches coaches.
  • Continous support to deploy learning back at job.

What You Get from the Program

  • Understand, recognize and foster the right personality orientation in you and its influence in leadership.
  • How to connect your style of leadership with the needs of the organization without compromising core principles.
  • How to lead the organization/team forward in this VUCA world.
  • How to keep the pace of work on a higher plane.
  • How to address complicated problems with multiple stake-holders and multi-dimensional implications.
  • How to take effective decisions when stakes are large.
  • How to foster relationships within team and use it for personal and professional goals.
  • How to use coaching as a powerful tool to develop new leaders

How We Deliver

You will be taken through a thoughtfully designed process of self-understanding based on Jungian archetypes, intellectual work-outs, out-bound activities, strategically framed case studies, group discussions and meaning-rich presentations.

This will be an intensive program that requires your full participation in mind and body.